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The latest SI-station gives you undreamt-of possibilities.

Because it is small, light and waterproof together with battery-powered and ”always on” it is perfect for outdoor sports. You can
  • check on attendance, on the other side of the jogging track.
  • take the intermediate time
  • take the start- and finish time with it’s real time clock with high accuracy.
  • read out data from the chip directly to the computer or to a battery powered thermo printer
  • transmit intermediate times online to the speaker or public.
SPORTident is…
  • easy to use
  • require next to no maintenance
  • used by different timing software, such as SportSoftware.
  • sends data to other systems such as WinSplits, Big video screens, speaker support systems etc.
Read more about how you benefit from the system on your training or event.
What is Sporitdent?
Sportident International AB, Enebybergsvagen 10A, SE-182 36 Danderyd, Sweden, Telefon: +46-(0)8-544 950 50 press 2, Telefax: +46 - (0)8 - 544 950 70