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…for the competitor:
  • the SI-card has no battery, it is powered by the SI-station via
  • the SI-card be carried in both hands
  • the punch can be done no matter from which direction the competitor is coming in to the SI-station.
  • When the punch has been stored in the SI-card and checked by the SI-station the competitor receives the feedback (optical and acoustic). This feedback is the proof that the punch really is stored into the SI-card.
  • The punching process is fast and a trained runner is able to punch without stopping.
… for the organizer
  • an easy to use system that is reliable and developed from the organizers and the runner’s point of view.
  • a secure system that includes backup solutions in different levels.
  • a flexible system that covers a lot of different types of arrangements.
  • a cost effective system that is compatible backwards to ensure the investments.
What is Sporitdent?
Sportident International AB, Enebybergsvagen 10A, SE-182 36 Danderyd, Sweden, Telefon: +46-(0)8-544 950 50 press 2, Telefax: +46 - (0)8 - 544 950 70