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To the sportident system there is a number of different softwares to choose between. For orienteering we use the following softwares, but we also have special software for school gymnastics, logistics of meeting/conferences, multisport.

contact us if you have specific demands!

Orienteering software:

This new Software is used to program the new Si-stations, BSx7-8.It is also possible to Read Si-cards with Si-config. No code checking or possibility to put in names, clubs courses etc. This is a free software.

Sportident Mangager 9.8, SIMAN
This program is used to program the old SI-stations, BSFx3-6. It can also be used to read-out the SI-cards. No codechecking and no possibillyties to type in names and courses in this program. Free of charge.

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Basic Software
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