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Take your meeting to a completly new level with the
SPORTIdent Meeting System, SIMS.

We use the latest RFID technology to administrate the meeting.

All the attendes on the meeting gets a personal RFID chip in the shape of a credit card and is used as a id card duuring the meeting.

The system takes care of everything from signup and registration to votes, lists of speakers and reports. All the meetingpoints is administrated in the system and all the speakers that is logged and showned online on a big screen or TV and in reports after.
Read more about the possibilities in our pdf.

Sportident International AB, Enebybergsvagen 10A, SE-182 36 Danderyd, Sweden, Telefon: +46-(0)8-544 950 50 press 2, Telefax: +46 - (0)8 - 544 950 70