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The SI-Station is a small micro computer that is running on exchangable battery. By radiowaves (inductiv cuppling) you can write time and code number (split place) to a chip (SI-Card). We call this to ”punch” with the SI-card. The SI-Station is water proof witch means it can be put out in all kinds of weather, sun or rain it doesn't matter. The station has its own backup memory that stores all the punches. When the station has checked that it has stored the punch correctly in a si-card it makes a verification to the runner. The verification is a sound (beeeping) and light (blinking). A station can be programed with a special software to be different kinds of units (start, split, etc)

Sportident has a number of different SI-stations and SI-master stations. A master station is a normal station with a cable (USB or RS232) that makes it possible to communicate with a computer. A masterstation has all the features of a normal station + the possibility to connect it to a computer.

All the normal stations have the same functions today, but are availible in different models.
BSF3, BSF4 and BSF6 belonged to the series that has existed since 1997. 2004 the BSF7 and BSF8 station was introduced and started chiping.

The Master station always has a cable, a RS232 or a USB. The RS232 computer can not only be connected to a computer, it can also be used to transmitt times/splits online from a control point. This is done by activating the "autosend" switch that makes all the punches be directly transfered on the wire.
There is also special Print and Sprint stations.

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